Made in two hours-ish for the BAKIN Summer Jam
The WAAAGHtomic Bomb must be stopped! (a HeroQuest Quest)
164 voice files for anyone needing a bounty hunter with gusto!
69 (nice) voice files for anyone needing an Ash. one person!
81 goblin mob / vendor / npc / player voice files for any game!
104 charming mystery voice files for any game!
80 proud warrior voice files for any game!
You will birth anew.
A HeroQuest quest made in hquestbuilder.
To all costs.
An ongoing collection of free extensible functions for Smile Game Builder.
Would you cherish every moment?
A project free for all SGB users, to show you how to save 1000s of your global switches in SGB.
Free, customizable and extensible ceilings and floors for SGB!
A short celebration of the SGB community: a WIP with a secret map, guest NPCs and CEILINGS!
A sci-fi adventure murder mystery (and a small Bob Ross tribute).
Nutshell's WIP from the SGBS2020GJ in a Project File
Use this to obtain right analog stick camera control and extra features.

Supported by AmalgamAsh